Monday, November 15, 2010

My new theme for Winterboard :D

ModMyi is now hosting my new Winterboard theme. :D Yes! Should be in the Cydia database in a few hours... Anyways, it is a Pokemon theme. To be exact, a Pikachu lockscreen. LOL If you are a  Pokemon fan, you'll love this. This lockscreen is a tricky one, you tap on the Pikachu to unlock... I also redesigned the pin-pad too (if you have a pin).

Name: Tricky Pokemon Lockscreen

Here is the description:

A tricky Pikachu lockscreen. Tap on Pikachu to unlock! Includes redesigned pin pad and cute Pikachu wallpaper! Has to be used with Clear LockScreen and A Better Tap to Unlock. (Search them in Cydia)

What I'm hoping is to get some more attention to my website. HAHA :P That is 1 of my goals. My main goal, well for fun! Helping you make your iPod touch/iPhone more special. LOL Not just like some kind of non-jailbroken boring one Steve Jobs has.


Anyways, please take a look at my screenshots!


Oh yeah. In my last post, I told you I use the Leopard Lockscreen, now I don't. :D As you guessed, right now I'm using my own lockscreen. LOL It's cool. :)

I you want to know all theme thingy I'm using on my iPod. Please go see this post.