Thursday, November 11, 2010

My current iPod touch theme!

Take a look at my current iPod touch theme using Winterboard. HAHA

Here is the order I put them in:
  1. Transparent Dock
  2. Dim Icons (.8 transparency)
  3. User Wallpaper (I will give you the wallpaper on this post)
  4. White Icon Labels
  5. Leopard Lock Screen (SnowLock) (Note: I changed my lockscreen to the one I made on 11/15/2010. See the update here.)
  6. Leopard Theme (I can't seem to find the link, but that is the name, do some looking around in Cydia and you should find it with the help of my screenshots)
  7. Gardevoir Notes
  8. No Docked Icon Labels
A cute sleeping Pikachu background. LOL :) 
You can see some of the icons are different. They are from the Leopard Theme. I liked the icons, so I left that theme turned on, but not listed as the first.
You can also see the the icons are kind of transparent.
There are no icon labels for the dock. I did this so the dock will look a bit different from the icons that actually scroll.

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The name can be edited as long as you have Photoshop.
I figured that out after I took the screenshot. LOL
(Note... I changed my lockscreen to the one I made on 11/15/2010. See the update here.)

Gardevoir Notes Winterboard theme. Cute! :)
That note I made was for the iPod touch/iPhone Tor proxy settings.

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Here is my set up seen with your own eyes. LOL

Here is the Pikachu wallpaper I used.

As of right now, you probably guessed. I love Pokemon. HAHA I like Pikachu the most. What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments below. LOL


For icon transparency, the default Dim Icons theme will put your icon transparency to .5, if you want my .8 transparency, you will need to use iFunBox and go to Raw File System >> var >> stash >> Themes.xxxxxx (there should be a number or letter combination for the x's) >> Dim Icons.theme. You should see something called info.plist. Copy that into your computer, and open it with Notepad (if you are using Windows). Now find where it says 0.5 and change that value to 0.8. Now save. Now go back to iFunBox and rename the original file into something else (you never want to loose the original! I renamed it OriginalInfo.plist.). Copy your new info.plist into the folder. Now go and enable it, or if it was enabled, respring, and you should see it take effect.

This is also how you change your custom wallpaper. You just go to the User Wallpaper.theme folder instead of the Dim Icons.theme folder. There you will find a Wallpaper.PNG which you can delete. Now copy in the wallpaper that you want. It can be in PNG, JPG (I think), and MP4 (I think) format. I wouldn't suggest the MP4 format wallpaper though. It is pretty much a video wallpaper, but trust me, will drain your battery before you know it!

Note... I changed my lockscreen to the one I made on 11/15/2010. See the update here.