Friday, August 6, 2010

Yay! :D

I finished my 6 hours of behind the wheel training for driving. One step closer to getting my license... Only this lesson wasn't as fun as the ones before... I got this woman instructor today... She only let me drive in the residential area... Last two times, I got a male instructor and I drove all the way to San Jose... So not fun... Also, 3 people honked at me today... Later they saw I was a student driver and their face expressions turned into o_O LOL Fun... Too bad I kinda forgot how to drive on local streets and residential areas since I drove on the empty highway last time... Wish I can drive on the highway again... That was fun...

The reason why I think it was because of me driving on the highway is because, today... Well turning felt awkward (no turning on the highway), I sometimes forgot to break (not much breaking on an empty highway...), and I forget to look at up the traffic signals. XD So that's why people were honking at me. When I stopped I pretty much forgot to go... LOL All 3 times, it was at the traffic lights, I forgot to go.

Right, I never post anything up about driving on the highway... Why not do it now. LOL

Last time I went ot visit Yosemite (which was a few weeks ago) I drove on the highway. 40 miles on the way there and 10 miles on the way back. 20 of the miles was on a semi-mountain highway... That really scared me. The rest was on straight empty 1-2 lane highways... No cars. I know 1 of the highways is highway 88. I drove in parts of Nevada, through hail, and after sunset, which was when I drove the 20 miles of semi-mountain highway. -__- I barely had practice with our own car. Only like 1 hour in the Central Park parking lot. At that time, I've only completed 4 hours of behind the wheel with an instructor. So with our own car, first time out on a public road. XD I was so scared... The route I took was around Yosemite (due to our stupid GPS, extra 60 miles, but it would have taken around the same time to get to our destination).