Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why humans can not achieve world peace


Recently President Obama has signed peace treaties with a country trying to cut our nuclear defences down. Here I would like to explain why world peace can never be achieved. It's in human nature to fight, to take advantage. Just look at sports, you are trying to take advantage of the other team's mistakes, the other team's weaknesses to gain your team points. It's human nature to want to fight in wars, to gain more. When you sell things, when you bargain, you are trying to save more, or make more. You try to take advantage of people. With all these examples, how can we achieve world peace? There is just no way... You can say we can change our practices, change what we do. Take out sports, take selling and buying. What do we have? Nothing, boring life, nothing to do. Humans are built to be cruel to other humans, it's in our blood to fight.

For all of you who believe humans can achieve world peace, please comment, and state why you think that. We can talk about it. I did not write this to piss people off. I am just stating my opinions with evidence to back up my opinions.



Anonymous said...

however, sports is a way to vent that "human nature to fight" without violence (in most cases), so sports is actually preventing war.
love for a hobby like a sport also brings people together. of course, there are mobfights and fanwars, but it doesn't go that far.
April 26, 2010 8:38 PM
CoolEric194 said...

To the commenter above. In football, i think it is a very cruel sport. But What you said, I agree, sports are like non-violent war. and yes, to bring people together. But i think what I said, is true to some extent. I'm not saying its not possible to achieve world peace (i may need to change some wording in my paragraph after i thought about it)