Tuesday, August 3, 2010

USB ports... USB 插头。。。

Yesterday, I reorganized the USB cables in the back of  computer. My webcam was all messed up because I plugged it into another USB port. Finally I fixed it up by switching the plugs in the back. Then I remembered by dad has this 720p webcam he don't use and plugged that in too! So now I have 2 webcams plugged in. Be prepared for a 720p Vlog on Youtube next time. :D

我昨天把我电脑后面的 USB 线全部整理了一下。我的摄像头开始不工作了应为我把它插在了另一个USB口。我最后把后面的线又从新插了一便。然后我记得我爸爸有一个他不用的 720p 的摄像头我可以用。所以我现在有两个摄像头装在我的电脑上了。请你准备好我下一次再 Youtube 上的 720p 博格视频。:D