Monday, August 30, 2010

A trip to Yellowstone

My trip to Yellowstone was really fun. :D Well Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Salt Lake City and what ever was on the way. Best 8 days of my life. :) I got around 8 hours of driving experience too. The only problem was my parents made me drive around the speed limit which was 75 MPH while the rest of the cars were driving at least 90 MPH! -__- I was like, look at how many cars passed me now! But they are like no, don't go over 80 MPH, we don't want anything to happen. But lucky for me, I still got to pass a few trucks. XD That was fun. Drove around 600 miles? I think. Well there was no cops on that road. It was all desert and no towns in like 70 miles. What would a cop be doing there? HAHA

Passed a few prisons (I know because I saw signs saying prison area, hitchhiking prohibited). Good place to put a prison, even if the prisoners escaped, they got no where to go. My mom was like extremely worried, kept pulling on my chair to check my speed, which got annoying, so later I didn't even put my head on the head rest, because she kept bouncing my head back and forth which was a really big distraction. My dad was reading stuff off of his iPad and didn't really pay attention. So yeah, helped drive a lot for him. LOL

Also lucky for me, escaped the heat wave at Fremont. :D It was all good. It was around 78°F during the day time and 48°F during the night time. Well night was pretty cold. :\ Good thing I had jackets.

The rest of my trip was good too, saw a lot of views inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton. First day, we lived at Wendover, NV. It was pretty much all driving, so we slept... The next day, we drove to Salt Lake City, visited the Mormon Church (really big church). Never knew Christian beliefs can be so different. Don't like the idea of a prophet though, I still think everyone is equal. No hierarchy system. Salt Lake was cool, but we didn't stay for too long, just took pictures and left. Then we went to Kennecott Copper Mine for a visit. It was cool, took pictures, and we were on our way to Yellowstone.

We got to West Yellowstone really late. Stayed at Three Bears Inn for 2 days. Later we lived in a cabin near Yellowstone Lake. It was good, had a shower and toilet. :D I was afraid there wasn't gonna be one... The views in Yellowstone was good. But it was quite different from when I went there 8 years ago. Some of the hot springs dried up and stuff. And when we went before, we soaked our foot in the hot springs which has no more water now. For Old Faithful, we were so lucky, that geyser shoots up once every hour, we parked got there. Waited 5 minutes and BAM! I video taped the whole thing. :) Wait for my video on my photography blog. I will be posting up the video and pictures from Yellowstone once I'm doing picking them out and touching them up.

We saw a lot of bison in the park. First I took a lot of pictures of the first one I saw. Later they just got plain annoying. We were driving, then we saw a bunch of cars moving slowly, I was like, oh come on, stupid traffic... Once the traffic cleared up a bit, we saw this herd of bison walking slowly on the road. I was like, THIS WAS THE CAUSE FOR THE TRAFFIC? Delayed us for one hour. So after that, when I saw bison, I was like, eh... They are everywhere, no need to take pictures, I got enough. LOL I also video taped part of it... Wait for my video on my photography blog. :D

So after Yellowstone, we went and toured Grand Teton for one day. We stayed at the Elk Refuge Inn in Jackson Hole. Apparently when the French settlers found the place, they called it "The Three Breasts" in French. Teton means Breasts in French. Which means, Grand Teton means Grand Breasts. Grand Breasts National Park. XD That sounds hilarious. And this also proves people back then had the same dirty mind as people now. LOL

So that pretty much sums up my vacation. We lived at Elko, NV for one night, and drove back to Fremont the next day.

Make sure to check out my photos on my photography blog once I post them up!

Update 09/27/2010: First part of my Yellowstone pictures posted up! Check them out here!

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