Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spam protection activated.

Yes! Blogger activated comment spam protection on 1 of my blogs! (it's my Dark Side blog btw) That means no more comments asking me to buy Viagra! Yes! Those stupid comments were getting very annoying. =__= (BTW, that was the only blog I was getting them on)

And if you are the spammer and is reading this. Why the hell would I want Viagra ok? First of all that's sinful. And secondly, I have no fucking idea on how to swallow pills. When the doctor has to prescribe me meds or something I ask the liquid form! So shut up with the stupid comments. I don't plan on buying them and I never will. So go spam someone else. Also quit spamming my email with this, you're wasting your time anyways, it's going into my SPAM box.