Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shortage of USB ports. :\

So today, I got some piano sheet music off of some websites and I needed to print them out. So I went to my parents room, and brought the printer into my room and figured out all 8 of my USB ports is in use. :\ Wow... LOL I managed to free up 1 of the ports after I unplugged my iPod touch... What is filling out my USB ports? The front 2 ports, I have 2 iPods plugged in (my old iPod nano with broken battery, and my iPod touch). In the back is my USB trackball, 2 web cams, my USB card reader (can't remove because I have an SD card plugged in for swap space or extra RAM), a USB extension with a USB hub plugged on (but I can't plug my printer on there because of all the load I already have on that hub even though there is 1 more free port), and the last thing I have plugged on there, I'm not sure, but it's used. I'm not gonna bother going to check, because the wires behind my desk is a mess. LOL! So yeah. Unplugged my iPod touch and I have 1 port for the printer... Yay :D