Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Got my repaired phone back. :D

I got my repaired phone back yesterday, but I didn't have any time to do the blog post so I'm doing it today. If you're wondering why, because Nokia factory resetted my phone and I had to spend time restoring my stuff on there which took hours, but I'm happy with it now. :D The GPS is working again, and you know what else? Nokia maps is free too so now I have like GPS navigation where ever I am (ok maybe not everywhere)! I'm so happy. LOL They even replaced pretty much more than half the phone. See the picture above (you can click for full size)? They pretty much replaced everything except the screen and the battery cover. They didn't replace the camera button or the volume controls but thats ok! They replaced the keyboard, new camera and other stuff. :D Before some of the keys on my keyboard was cracked, but now it's new, it looks a lot better. Thanks Nokia! But I spent $15 shipping it, they gave me a $10 VISA debit card... LOL I don't mind though. They said the problems was because of mechanical problems. Which I suspected.

My phone right now.

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