Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Funny mistake I made... 我做的一个好玩错误。。。


On my post about my apple cobber I made (Blog Post here), I made a 2 funny errors in my Chinese translations. For apple cobbler I accidentally translated it to apple shoemaker (Just took Google Translate's results) XD And for the comments I wrote please comment about this from your grave. Funny mistakes! HAHA. Like I said, I'm not very good with Chinese. I just corrected the mistakes now.

在我博客上写关于我做的苹果馅饼文章 (博格文章) ,我犯了两个很可笑的错误。苹果馅饼不小心写成了苹果皮匠 (我就拿了谷歌翻译结果) XD  然后我把 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样” 翻成了 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样”。很可笑的错误!哈哈。像我我说的,我的中文很差。我刚才把我的错误改好了。