Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Driving... 开车。。。


Today I drove for the first time. It was my first lesson with the teacher. Surprisingly I did well. Drove to Union City Marina Food and back (5 mile-ish on busy street at around 50 MPH). Didn't crash the car or get hurt. :D But I almost ran a red light cause I forgot to look up. HAHA. Other than that, I did fine. :)

今天我第一开车。这也是我第一次跟老师。我开的很好。开到 Union City 永和和回来 (差不多5 个英里在一个很多车的路上。差不多 50 英里一个小时的速度)。 没撞车。 :D 可是我差点闯了一个红灯应为我忘了往上看。哈哈。除了呢个我开的蛮好的。 :)