Monday, August 30, 2010

A trip to Yellowstone

My trip to Yellowstone was really fun. :D Well Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Salt Lake City and what ever was on the way. Best 8 days of my life. :) I got around 8 hours of driving experience too. The only problem was my parents made me drive around the speed limit which was 75 MPH while the rest of the cars were driving at least 90 MPH! -__- I was like, look at how many cars passed me now! But they are like no, don't go over 80 MPH, we don't want anything to happen. But lucky for me, I still got to pass a few trucks. XD That was fun. Drove around 600 miles? I think. Well there was no cops on that road. It was all desert and no towns in like 70 miles. What would a cop be doing there? HAHA

Passed a few prisons (I know because I saw signs saying prison area, hitchhiking prohibited). Good place to put a prison, even if the prisoners escaped, they got no where to go. My mom was like extremely worried, kept pulling on my chair to check my speed, which got annoying, so later I didn't even put my head on the head rest, because she kept bouncing my head back and forth which was a really big distraction. My dad was reading stuff off of his iPad and didn't really pay attention. So yeah, helped drive a lot for him. LOL

Also lucky for me, escaped the heat wave at Fremont. :D It was all good. It was around 78°F during the day time and 48°F during the night time. Well night was pretty cold. :\ Good thing I had jackets.

The rest of my trip was good too, saw a lot of views inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton. First day, we lived at Wendover, NV. It was pretty much all driving, so we slept... The next day, we drove to Salt Lake City, visited the Mormon Church (really big church). Never knew Christian beliefs can be so different. Don't like the idea of a prophet though, I still think everyone is equal. No hierarchy system. Salt Lake was cool, but we didn't stay for too long, just took pictures and left. Then we went to Kennecott Copper Mine for a visit. It was cool, took pictures, and we were on our way to Yellowstone.

We got to West Yellowstone really late. Stayed at Three Bears Inn for 2 days. Later we lived in a cabin near Yellowstone Lake. It was good, had a shower and toilet. :D I was afraid there wasn't gonna be one... The views in Yellowstone was good. But it was quite different from when I went there 8 years ago. Some of the hot springs dried up and stuff. And when we went before, we soaked our foot in the hot springs which has no more water now. For Old Faithful, we were so lucky, that geyser shoots up once every hour, we parked got there. Waited 5 minutes and BAM! I video taped the whole thing. :) Wait for my video on my photography blog. I will be posting up the video and pictures from Yellowstone once I'm doing picking them out and touching them up.

We saw a lot of bison in the park. First I took a lot of pictures of the first one I saw. Later they just got plain annoying. We were driving, then we saw a bunch of cars moving slowly, I was like, oh come on, stupid traffic... Once the traffic cleared up a bit, we saw this herd of bison walking slowly on the road. I was like, THIS WAS THE CAUSE FOR THE TRAFFIC? Delayed us for one hour. So after that, when I saw bison, I was like, eh... They are everywhere, no need to take pictures, I got enough. LOL I also video taped part of it... Wait for my video on my photography blog. :D

So after Yellowstone, we went and toured Grand Teton for one day. We stayed at the Elk Refuge Inn in Jackson Hole. Apparently when the French settlers found the place, they called it "The Three Breasts" in French. Teton means Breasts in French. Which means, Grand Teton means Grand Breasts. Grand Breasts National Park. XD That sounds hilarious. And this also proves people back then had the same dirty mind as people now. LOL

So that pretty much sums up my vacation. We lived at Elko, NV for one night, and drove back to Fremont the next day.

Make sure to check out my photos on my photography blog once I post them up!

Update 09/27/2010: First part of my Yellowstone pictures posted up! Check them out here!

Here is photos I've uploaded to Facebook:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Awesome freak out. LOL

My question is, did they guy who posted the video get murdered by his freaked out brother? XD


Have you check out Ultimate Fail? You should, because I have lots of fails on there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lot's of TVs and harddrvies

So today, my old pair of earphones when I tried to use them, kept falling out of my ear because it was too big (the rubber tip I put on there, I lost my small sized tips), so I went to Fry's Electronics to get a new one. After checking out and leaving the store with my new earphones, there was a person packing stuff into his truck right next to my car. He bought around 15 LCD TVs, around 20 hard drives, a super fast computer or some kind of computer DIY kit, a computer desk chair, and some other stuff. Some Fry's sales associates helped him load everything onto his truck. Weird. o_O 15 LCD TVs and 20 hard drives. What is he planning on doing? LOL Yeah, totally weird. Reminds me of the time I was at Safeway and the guy checking out before me bought $1000 worth of gift cards. HAHA

Oh, and my earphones? They were great. Very good noise cancellation and bass! It's a JVC Micro-HD stereo headphone (JVC HAFXC50B).  :) Good thing I got it, now I can listen to my iPod on the way to Yellowstone. Yes, I'm going to be visiting Yellowstone soon, stayed tuned for pictures. :) Will start posting them once I finish posting my Yosemite pictures and when I finish picking out and touching up them. If you don't know where to find the pictures, they are on my photography blog.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wishing I can start over...

Sometimes I wish I can go back in time, back to 7th grade and startover. In 7th grade half way through the year, I noticed I started falling behind, before that I was a happy kid. Nothing I regret doing or happened (ok 1 thing I kinda regret)... Then in 8th grade, that year was terrible, I felt sad, depressed, but I held it in, I pretended to be happy. No one, including my parents, knew I was sad and depressed. In 9th grade,  I fell behind, all the sadness and depression poured out like a bathtub overfilled with water. I really wish I can go back, and warn myself. But wishing is wishing, time travel is impossible as of right now, even if I can go back in time, who knows what damage I might do? LOL But still, I wish I can... I tell myself everyday, God has His plans, I shouldn't feel bad, He will give me something better, He will help me through this. So far He has. He has let me have friends that can help me and talk to me. He has let my friend bring me into Church and for that I am extremely grateful. Positive thinking is the key I think. Something I saw on TV yesterday, it's on this Chinese news channel. That church always advertise there, but something that guy said. He saw this cancer patient pray every morning and thanking God that He has let him have another day of life. If it was me, I'd probably be like kill me, I can't stand it anymore... But yes, positive thinking. It's good for you. Yes, I still kinda wish I can start over, but I'm grateful that I've made it this far without going insane I guess. Praise the Lord! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spam protection activated.

Yes! Blogger activated comment spam protection on 1 of my blogs! (it's my Dark Side blog btw) That means no more comments asking me to buy Viagra! Yes! Those stupid comments were getting very annoying. =__= (BTW, that was the only blog I was getting them on)

And if you are the spammer and is reading this. Why the hell would I want Viagra ok? First of all that's sinful. And secondly, I have no fucking idea on how to swallow pills. When the doctor has to prescribe me meds or something I ask the liquid form! So shut up with the stupid comments. I don't plan on buying them and I never will. So go spam someone else. Also quit spamming my email with this, you're wasting your time anyways, it's going into my SPAM box.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Got my repaired phone back. :D

I got my repaired phone back yesterday, but I didn't have any time to do the blog post so I'm doing it today. If you're wondering why, because Nokia factory resetted my phone and I had to spend time restoring my stuff on there which took hours, but I'm happy with it now. :D The GPS is working again, and you know what else? Nokia maps is free too so now I have like GPS navigation where ever I am (ok maybe not everywhere)! I'm so happy. LOL They even replaced pretty much more than half the phone. See the picture above (you can click for full size)? They pretty much replaced everything except the screen and the battery cover. They didn't replace the camera button or the volume controls but thats ok! They replaced the keyboard, new camera and other stuff. :D Before some of the keys on my keyboard was cracked, but now it's new, it looks a lot better. Thanks Nokia! But I spent $15 shipping it, they gave me a $10 VISA debit card... LOL I don't mind though. They said the problems was because of mechanical problems. Which I suspected.

My phone right now.

Nokia N97 on Amazon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends. :)

Well I'm bored somehow I got an idea to write this article. Today I kind of want to talk about friends. And how you can tell if someone is your true friend or not. Over the past few years, I've learned how to distinguish between true friends and people that just want to take advantage of you. I don't have much friends because I'm the kind of person that is usually quite around people I don't know well. (But yes, I get very annoying once I know you well. XD) So the thing is, in the past few years, I've went through a time of hardship and life was hard. My close friends (good friends, friends I really trusted) or people I think were close friends, they knew about this or I told them. But the people I thought were close friends pretty much ditched me maybe because they thought I was weird. I don't know, but those true friends they came and helped me they best they can and I'm really happy and grateful for it. This is a public blog post, so I'm not gonna name any names here. If you're my friend, email or IM me. There was even a few, that took precious time out of their busy schedule to come help me. Some of these friends, I haven't seen in years already, but they still help me. These are true friends. Friends don't have to be close, they can be far away, it doesn't matter. Real friends are people that help you at your time of need I guess. You can't really tell if someone is a friend or not until they try to take advantage. Well, I'm not sure where I'm going with this or why I'm posting this, but something tells me to post it. So here it is. :D

Holy crap...

So today, someone commented on my Youtube video on how to make a DIY iPod touch stylus, and  I do monitor every comment that I get on my videos. I noticed how long and messy my hair was back then! Why didn't I get a haircut? I remember something about me not feeling like it, but now I totally don't get why! LOL It was so messy! XD

Btw, here is the video:

Need an iPod touch or stylus?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shortage of USB ports. :\

So today, I got some piano sheet music off of some websites and I needed to print them out. So I went to my parents room, and brought the printer into my room and figured out all 8 of my USB ports is in use. :\ Wow... LOL I managed to free up 1 of the ports after I unplugged my iPod touch... What is filling out my USB ports? The front 2 ports, I have 2 iPods plugged in (my old iPod nano with broken battery, and my iPod touch). In the back is my USB trackball, 2 web cams, my USB card reader (can't remove because I have an SD card plugged in for swap space or extra RAM), a USB extension with a USB hub plugged on (but I can't plug my printer on there because of all the load I already have on that hub even though there is 1 more free port), and the last thing I have plugged on there, I'm not sure, but it's used. I'm not gonna bother going to check, because the wires behind my desk is a mess. LOL! So yeah. Unplugged my iPod touch and I have 1 port for the printer... Yay :D

John 13:7

Jesus replied, "You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand." (John 13:7)

Sometimes when something happens, I'd be like why does it have to happen, does God hate me? And usually after a while, I'd see why it happens, and I understand. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yay! :D

I finished my 6 hours of behind the wheel training for driving. One step closer to getting my license... Only this lesson wasn't as fun as the ones before... I got this woman instructor today... She only let me drive in the residential area... Last two times, I got a male instructor and I drove all the way to San Jose... So not fun... Also, 3 people honked at me today... Later they saw I was a student driver and their face expressions turned into o_O LOL Fun... Too bad I kinda forgot how to drive on local streets and residential areas since I drove on the empty highway last time... Wish I can drive on the highway again... That was fun...

The reason why I think it was because of me driving on the highway is because, today... Well turning felt awkward (no turning on the highway), I sometimes forgot to break (not much breaking on an empty highway...), and I forget to look at up the traffic signals. XD So that's why people were honking at me. When I stopped I pretty much forgot to go... LOL All 3 times, it was at the traffic lights, I forgot to go.

Right, I never post anything up about driving on the highway... Why not do it now. LOL

Last time I went ot visit Yosemite (which was a few weeks ago) I drove on the highway. 40 miles on the way there and 10 miles on the way back. 20 of the miles was on a semi-mountain highway... That really scared me. The rest was on straight empty 1-2 lane highways... No cars. I know 1 of the highways is highway 88. I drove in parts of Nevada, through hail, and after sunset, which was when I drove the 20 miles of semi-mountain highway. -__- I barely had practice with our own car. Only like 1 hour in the Central Park parking lot. At that time, I've only completed 4 hours of behind the wheel with an instructor. So with our own car, first time out on a public road. XD I was so scared... The route I took was around Yosemite (due to our stupid GPS, extra 60 miles, but it would have taken around the same time to get to our destination).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waiting for my phone...

The Nokia repair center says they repaired my phone and shipped it out yesterday 8-4-2010. They had a tracking number and I went to track it. It says the service is TWO DAY AIR, but the date when I receieve it is rescheduled to 8-9-2010. That isn't two days! Two days means I receive it on Friday 8-6-2010! Stupid UPS... Can't wait, because the stupid phone I'm using right now is my old Nokia 6126 which is a crap battery inside. =__= It keeps dying on me. I need my phone back... That is kinda why I didn't feel like shipping it out in the first place. Well let's hope everything is ok, and the GPS and FM transmitter is working again. I hate delays...

"INCORRECT ROUTING AT UPS FACILITY" So that's why it's delayed. qq =__=

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nokia repair is pretty fast.

They received my phone on the 2nd and they said it was processing. On the 3rd, they said repairing. And today on the 4th they said shipped repaired original phone. o_O That is fast!

The GPS and FM transmitter on my Nokia N97 better be working... They better have repaired it!

So true. :)

1 Corinthians 10:12-13 If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall. The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.

Romans 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

I like how God will never hurt you and how he loves us. I also like every temptation he makes happen is within our limit. Now I think about the past, there was times I wanted to kill myself. Sometimes I'd feel like God hates me, and why I should even pray. Sometimes I'd think, He won't listen, He can't hear me anyways. Always, after that feeling has passed a bit and I kinda come back to my senses, I'd think about what was bothering me. Every time, I see it the other way on around, and really it isn't so bad, sometimes, it's even good! Sometimes I don't at first, but I'd call the Lord's name, and suddenly, it would all make sense. Is there anything more important than living, praising the Lord, and be happy and full of life? No, there isn't!  That's why I liked this verse.

If you are reading this and is feeling bad or depressed, calm down, pray, and you'll feel better. Everything has two sides to it. A bad side and a good side. Nothing in this world has only a bad side and no good side. Plus there is a lot more people that is suffering more than you, and they continue to live, why shouldn't you? If you're reading this, you have internet right? A lot of people don't, you should be happy that you do! Feeling sad is normal, feeling sad always isn't. You can also think about it this way, you've got one life, why spend it feeling sad when you can be happy?

The thing here is, unless it is really time for you to die, God will always have a path for you so that you can continue living. That suicidal or depressed feeling is Satan. If you listen to Satan, then you're screwed. Your job is to calm down, and pray. God will guide you in the right direction, Satan will guide you in the wrong direction.

Praise the Lord! Amen.

Loudness contest...

I played piano for my pet bird again today. He's doing better. :) He kinda sang while I played. The problem was, he probably thought it was a loudness contest, because he sang something totally random and not in tune to the music I was playing, and he tried to sing louder than my piano playing. LOL Funny bird. At least he didn't sleep on my like the first time...

At least he's doing better than yesterday. He sang along. :D LOL Unlike yesterday, he just listened...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behind the Wheel Driving lesson. :D

I have a behind the wheel driving lesson scheduled on Friday at 2 :D Can't wait! It's my last lesson and after that, my parents get me insured. LOL FUN FUN FUN! HAHA Wish the driving school wasn't so busy, I wanna drive now. >:( Should probably have scheduled earlier.

Playing piano for my pet bird.

Like yesterday, I played piano for my pet bird. He still won't sing a long. :\ But he's doing better. He didn't take a nap on me today. LOL Hope he will learn to sing with me soon. Cuz I'm jealous of those singing cockatiels I see on Youtube and the TV.

BTW, the reason I knew he took a nap on me yesterday was because, I saw him, and after I finished playing, I walked up to him and shouted LEMON (which is his name)! And he immediately jumped and fell of the perch. XD He had his head tucked under his wing sleeping.

Dumb bird.

Today I played piano for my pet birds. Really I was playing for my yellow cockatiel cuz I want him to sing. Instead of singing for me, he took a nap. =__= Dumb bird. Reminds me how my dad always takes a nap in movie theaters. XD

Touched by God

Ever since I came to the US in 2001 I think, a lot of people has tried to get me to go to Church. For example, the pastor of the church across the streets, my close friends and families. Yes, I have been to Awana (this kids church program) a few times, but I never really believed. I think it is because I didn't really want to change. I was one of those Chinese Aethiest/Buddhists. Yes, I used think the past three and a half years of my life has been crap and completely ruined my life, but now I believe Christ and go to church, I think it is all worth it. Without these consequences, why would I head into church? He gave me chances before with all those people trying to convince me, but I never listened. So yes, I'm totally ok with the past three and a half years right now, and I feel like he's helping get my life back on track too! So I think I've learned the lesson here. :) I think God has really touched me. :)


"He (God) comforts us whenever we suffer. That is why whenever other people suffer, we are able to comfort them by using the same comfort we have received from God". ~ 2 Corinthians 1:24

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom." ~ Proverbs 11:2

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." ~ Colossians 3:12-13

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." ~ John 3:16

For the past three and a half years, I've been severely depressed and get really anxious about small things and I felt like my whole life has been messed up because I'm 1-2 years behind in high school (not that I'm one of those kids who purposely skip school, I'm not that kind of person). Recently, I've been feeling like, I've recovered. I've been feeling really full of life and happiness. Happiness I've never had, but similar to the happiness I've had before depression came. What really helped me I'm sure was going to church and believing into Christ. :) God helped me. Those four Bible verses up there really stood out to me and helped me. Every time when I feel depressed, sad, or uncertainty, I'd call on the Lord's name, and immediately, I'd start feeling better and get a feeling on what I should do! I strongly believe God is there, and he loves us all. So if you are feeling depressed or sad, you can just call on the name of the Lord! How wonderful his name is. :D I still feel a bit uncertain about how my future will be, but I'm no longer that worried for I know the Lord has planned out the best for me. So why be worried right?

Also, thanks to everyone that helped me through this rough time of my life. More importantly, thank the Lord for letting all these friends help me. :) Amen!

Now back to current time. :)

Done importing posts. Well almost...

Weird call. 怪电话


Weird thing today. I got a call on my phone from the number 1. Yes you heard me right. The number 1. o_O Someone can actually own that number?! This is totally awkward, and I wonder how much times the owner get prank called a day. LOL

今天很怪。我的手机上收到了一个从一电话号码打过来的电话。你听对了。电话号码是一。o_O 有人可以买下来这个电话号码吗?!这个很奇怪。不知道这个人每天要接到多少骚扰电话。哈哈

I made a USB CD LED Desk Lamp! 我做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯。


Today I made a USB CD LED desk lamp! Not only does it use less power than my original desk lamp, but it gives off clean white light unlike my original desk lamp which gave a yellow-ish light. :D Please tell me how it looks below.The reason I used that much glue is because the disc cracked a lot when I pushed the LED's into the holes I made.

我今天做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯!它除了比我本来用的电少,它还给白的灯光不像我本来的那个灯,给的亮光有一点黄黄的。:D 请你在底下告诉我看得怎么样。在我把二极管装进去的时候 CD 有点裂开了,所以我只能有很多胶水。

 Let's all go green. :) This is really a double win, because LED take up way less power and I recycled 2 unusable CDs!

Funny mistake I made... 我做的一个好玩错误。。。


On my post about my apple cobber I made (Blog Post here), I made a 2 funny errors in my Chinese translations. For apple cobbler I accidentally translated it to apple shoemaker (Just took Google Translate's results) XD And for the comments I wrote please comment about this from your grave. Funny mistakes! HAHA. Like I said, I'm not very good with Chinese. I just corrected the mistakes now.

在我博客上写关于我做的苹果馅饼文章 (博格文章) ,我犯了两个很可笑的错误。苹果馅饼不小心写成了苹果皮匠 (我就拿了谷歌翻译结果) XD  然后我把 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样” 翻成了 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样”。很可笑的错误!哈哈。像我我说的,我的中文很差。我刚才把我的错误改好了。

I made apple cobbler today :D 我今天做了苹果馅饼 :D


I made apple cobbler today for dinner. It tastes good. :D I just wish I put more cinnamon and less sugar in it. Tell me how it looks below. :D


Driving... 开车。。。


Today I drove for the first time. It was my first lesson with the teacher. Surprisingly I did well. Drove to Union City Marina Food and back (5 mile-ish on busy street at around 50 MPH). Didn't crash the car or get hurt. :D But I almost ran a red light cause I forgot to look up. HAHA. Other than that, I did fine. :)

今天我第一开车。这也是我第一次跟老师。我开的很好。开到 Union City 永和和回来 (差不多5 个英里在一个很多车的路上。差不多 50 英里一个小时的速度)。 没撞车。 :D 可是我差点闯了一个红灯应为我忘了往上看。哈哈。除了呢个我开的蛮好的。 :)

USB ports... USB 插头。。。

Yesterday, I reorganized the USB cables in the back of  computer. My webcam was all messed up because I plugged it into another USB port. Finally I fixed it up by switching the plugs in the back. Then I remembered by dad has this 720p webcam he don't use and plugged that in too! So now I have 2 webcams plugged in. Be prepared for a 720p Vlog on Youtube next time. :D

我昨天把我电脑后面的 USB 线全部整理了一下。我的摄像头开始不工作了应为我把它插在了另一个USB口。我最后把后面的线又从新插了一便。然后我记得我爸爸有一个他不用的 720p 的摄像头我可以用。所以我现在有两个摄像头装在我的电脑上了。请你准备好我下一次再 Youtube 上的 720p 博格视频。:D

Long distance computer power switch. 长途电脑开关。


I made this long distance computer power switch today. As you can see in the picture, my computer is behind my desk, so it's not very easy for me to control the power switch at where I sit.


So what do I do? I soldered a few wires to the wires that control the power switch. And on the top, made it into a switch similar to the power switch. That way, I can have like a remote switch on my desk. :D


If you want to make this, you can contact me in the comments. Remember to cover up all open areas with insulation, other than the switch parts. If you do make this, I can not be held responsible for any injuries or damages!


HAHA... 哈哈。。。


If you look at the very bottom, you can see I added a "please support me" message with Chinese/English translations... I just noticed how sucky my Chinese is. :\ Please share my posts with your friends and family members. Thanks! :D

要是你到这个网页的最底下,你会看见一个英语/中文 “请支持我” 的信息。我才刚注意到我的中文有多差。:\ 秦您帮我把我写的文章分享给您的朋友和家庭看。谢谢!:D

So bored... 很没劲。。。


Today was boring... Ok so you expecting me to write something? Ok... I found this apple cobbler recipe that looks pretty good. I kinda want to make it. :D But I don't have the ingredients at home... So maybe I'll make it in a few days and post up a picture... So this is pretty much how my day went by.

今天我很没劲。。。 你希望我写一些东西吗?OK。。。 我今天找到了一个苹果馅饼菜谱。它看的很好吃。我有点先要做。可是要用的调料家里没有。所以我可能会过几天做出来拍几张照片放在网上。这就是我这一天怎么过的。

This awkward duck like thingy I saw today o_O


It had like a duck bill and stuff, but it wasn't really a duck either! It was walking upright and its wings were so small I doubt it can even fly. It's awkward. If anyone know what this is, please tell me. I think a duck and some other bird had this weird offspring... Click the pictures for the full size...

Hi...... 你好.......


I might be writing some of my blog posts in Chinese from now on. My Chinese kinda sucks. If you find a mistake in my grammar please notify me. Thanks! :D


Yay, got my learners permit! :O


OMG! I'm kinda happy today! Got my learners permit! The stupid thing was, I thought they were gonna give some kind of scantron test, but no, they grade each test by hand! I thought the governor wants money... If they make the process faster, wouldn't they make more? LOL

Awkward Feeling...


It feels so awkward when I feel happiness and sadness at the same time... It's like I want to smile and cry at the same time... But at least some happiness for a change, I have felt real happiness for so long I think I forgot what it's like. All I knew is that happiness is better than sadness, but how it felt, I like completely forgot. At least I feel some happiness now. It feels great!

Got a haircut today!


Hey guys, I got a haircut today. Tell me how I look :D Please!




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Bird Prevention Fail or Bird Win?


Well looks like they failed to keep the bird off even with the spikes. XD So Bird prevention fail or bird win? Tell me in the comments. :O

Why Google Buzz Sucks


What is the point of following someone when you can't comment on their posts which don't show up on your like homescreen when they aren't following you back! Google Buzz is shit. It's like a crappy version of Twitter + Facebook. What now, we can't even check our email before starting on stuff we have to do (like homework) because Google Buzz is there and we will always be tempted to go in and check what other's are saying. I thought Google was suppose to make products that makes our life easier, not harder! This is why Google Buzz sucks and why it will never enter the social networking network. LOL Please share your view on this subject below please. :D

My iDevice Jailbreak tutorial has been updated!


As of May 2nd, 2010 all iDevices running firmware 3.1.2-3.2 are jailbreakable by a newly released jailbreaker called Spirit!

How to Install DEBs (Cydia apps) on your iDevice with or without Wifi or 3G


Hi ComputerSpot fans! I would like to proudly annouce that I have posted a new tutorial up teaching you how to install DEBs (Cydia apps) on your iDevice (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) with or without the use of Wifi or 3G. For the methods that does not require Wifi will require your computer to have an active internet connection which you should have since you are reading this! LOL Well here it is!

iPod touch Stylus I made

I'll teach you how to make this on an upcoming tutorial in a few days. Stay tuned!

New video! How to jailbreak with Spirit!


Jailbroke my iPod


Today I jailbroke my iPod. It was exciting at first but later got very annoying. The wifi in my home is broken, so I had to use Cyder to get my apps onto my iPod. I didn't really know how to use it even after all the instructions I read online. I can't get the apps into my iPod. So later as a temporary fix, I snitched off my neighbor's wifi. XD Well at least my iPod looks extremely cool now with it's Leopard OSX theme. Now my iPod as a terminal app too and it can multi-task. :O This is so cool. :D

My iPod specs:
iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32GB)
Running 3.1.3 Firmware

New video on Youtube :D


I found this cool website that talks about electronic gadgets


Please visit the website. It's pretty cool. I know it doesn't look professional, but this guy knows what he's talking about! Trust me!



OMG! Youtube just said one of my videos might be eligible for the Youtube partner program! :O the only thing pissing me off is, it keeps telling me its having trouble linking my youtube with my adsense account... >.> just sent their support an email... they better respond! I WANT ME MONEY!!! >.<

YAY! I'm so happy!


I passed the driving course! Now once I both my certificates I can go to the DMV and pass the written test. After that I can drive with my learners permit! OMG! This is so exciting and scary. o_O But I am so happy. :D It's just that I wish I took the course earlier... Cuz now I'm getting my real license at the age of 16 1/2 instead of just 16...

A good prank to play on a friend.


While he/she is sleeping, snap a picture with his/her phone of her sleeping and set it as the phone wallpaper. After that, quickly put it back to where you found it. You'll give your friend a nice surprise when he/she wakes up. :D After you try that, please leave me a comment of your friend's response. LOL

Weird thing...


Today at Church, this finch (bird) flew in to the Church and surpirsed everyone... It kept walking/skipping back and forth for half an hour in very small area on the window before Church ended and we let it out. It was a big distraction somehow. XD Everyone wasn't really paying attention, but looking at the tiny bird jumping around. LOL Later we managed to let it out. Hope it did get traumatized by what happened. This kind of reminds me for 2 weeks ago when this bird flew into our house. Here is a few pictures of the bird that flew into my house. Any one know what kind of bird it is?

The best rule I've came upon on drivers ed.


The best rule in drivers ed: "It is illegal to ski, snowboard, or sled on or across any roadway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of vehicles thereon. " It's like I'm going to try. XD

And it also states that I may try that when it doesn't interfere. :O LOL

I wish I took the drivers ed earlier...


Today I went to the DMV to get a drivers hand book and the forms for getting a learners permit. I wish I took the course earlier! Then I could like have my license by next month! But not I have to wait like half a year after I get my learners permit. How annoying is this? -__- LOL Well, can't blame anyone...

HAHA Take a look


More USB ports on my computer and use up less space on my desk. How did I do it? A USB extension, a USB hub, and some tape. :D I hanged my USB hub on the wall. LOL

And not only that, I plugged a second USB hub into it, with a mouse connected to the second one, and it still works with no problem o_O

Wow this USB extension must be good.

Thank you guys!


Google Adsense is such a cool program. and I also need to stop my bragging problem. But here is the news. :D I made another $100 on Adsense. LOL Thanks to all you guys that supported me!

Why humans can not achieve world peace


Recently President Obama has signed peace treaties with a country trying to cut our nuclear defences down. Here I would like to explain why world peace can never be achieved. It's in human nature to fight, to take advantage. Just look at sports, you are trying to take advantage of the other team's mistakes, the other team's weaknesses to gain your team points. It's human nature to want to fight in wars, to gain more. When you sell things, when you bargain, you are trying to save more, or make more. You try to take advantage of people. With all these examples, how can we achieve world peace? There is just no way... You can say we can change our practices, change what we do. Take out sports, take selling and buying. What do we have? Nothing, boring life, nothing to do. Humans are built to be cruel to other humans, it's in our blood to fight.

For all of you who believe humans can achieve world peace, please comment, and state why you think that. We can talk about it. I did not write this to piss people off. I am just stating my opinions with evidence to back up my opinions.



Anonymous said...

however, sports is a way to vent that "human nature to fight" without violence (in most cases), so sports is actually preventing war.
love for a hobby like a sport also brings people together. of course, there are mobfights and fanwars, but it doesn't go that far.
April 26, 2010 8:38 PM
CoolEric194 said...

To the commenter above. In football, i think it is a very cruel sport. But What you said, I agree, sports are like non-violent war. and yes, to bring people together. But i think what I said, is true to some extent. I'm not saying its not possible to achieve world peace (i may need to change some wording in my paragraph after i thought about it)

A question...


Who here reads Naruto? (I'm bored so I'm tweeting a lot, haha)

Cooking food the first time. :D

I made onion rings. It turned out pretty good! :D It also tastes delicious. Click image for the full size image.

Hi guys! 你好!

My other few blogs, as you guys know, is really messy, so I made this personal blog where it is gonna be all about me. :) I might import a few old posts here too.