Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bird Trolling Cat

So as I was taking a walk yesterday, I saw this cat trying to catch this bird. The cat failed multiple times. LOL The bird kept flying down from the roof of the house to repeatedly troll the cat on the ground. Classic cat fail. HAHA

I wish I had a camera with me! :( If I got it on video, it probably would have become the next big viral video. LOL Too bad I didn't have one. Seems funny things always happen when you don't have a camera...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buying Stuff Online

You know that feeling of like excited-ness waiting for stuff you by online to come. Yeah, that feeling is kind of annoying but nice for me. LOL Still, not saying Memorial Day is bad, but I feel sad I had to wait another day for my package. Funny thing is once it gets here, the excitement dies down. Oh well, my stuff should be here today. Time me for me to do an unboxing video and start playing with it. ROFL