Monday, October 31, 2011

Funny thing today

So I recently spotted a bunch of gopher holes on our lawn. Of course it made the lawn look all bad, so I went ahead and got one of those electronic gopher/mole deterrent systems from Home Depot. I didn't really want to use poison on my yard and contaminate the whole place... Well anyways I know it's working because there is no new holes on my lawn. You know what else? I heard my neighbor complaining about new gopher holes on their lawn. XD Well not my problem now. LOL

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Youtube. You guys are extremely messed up.

So if you guys don't know, my main Youtube account is now terminated because Youtube says I got too many copyright strikes. First of all that is not true! The use of the music in the background of those educational videos are permitted under the "Fair Use Law". So I did not violate any rules! Secondly, you guys said my "How to Detect Counterfeit Money" video violates the Terms of Use. Could you guys explain to me how something so LEGAL like this violates your Terms of Use? Do you workers at Google promote the making of counterfeit money? So I file a repeal and you guys say you stand by your decision and the video still violates your ToS. Who do you hire? MONKEYS? Even an idiot would know better! You know what? You guys are idiots! No worse than idiots!

So what if we put music on our videos? You guys should see it as advertisement and put a "Buy" link under our videos. Would make you guys so much more money you know! You should see it as free advertisement! Plus, I was just using music, even if you do think it is a violation (which it is clearly not) you can just disable the stupid audio on the video and everyone will be happy. You can also block the person from uploading more videos. Terminating an account won't do anything. The person can just sign up for another one!

You guys are idiots and need to change up your system. If this happened to you, rant about it in the comments. Thanks. Anyways, I am now using my other Youtube account. It's a pain having to subscribe to all my favorite channels again. Youtube you are an ASS!