Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annoying Dog...

You know what's really annoying? Every night when I try to sleep. I always hear this annoying dog barking far away... -__- Every freakin' night!! Other than the days when it rains... I don't even know who's dog it is... I mean, it always barks at night... The sound could be from miles away... Who knows? Eh... Stupid dog. And other dogs like bark back too! If the dogs want to have a conversation, do it during the day time. It really really bothers me when I'm trying to sleep.

And you know what else? The Weather Channel said it was going to snow yesterday night. Apparently it didn't even rain... But still the same cold weather outside... I went outside and eh... I was like frozen solid (exaggerating)! LOL Weird... It never snows in Fremont... or like the whole SF Bay Area... HAHA

Anyways guys, again... I want to tell you about Swagbucks again... LOL They aren't a scam... They already processed $10 I made and still processing the $15 I requested at a later date... I already got $10 on my Amazon account (see photo above). :) I also have enough points for another $25 next month! It isn't a scam! Go try it out and see for yourself! :D You get points toward free stuff just for searching the web! How easy is that? So go try it out now!

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