Sunday, February 27, 2011


Photo from Geeky Gadgets.

So today, I was surfing the web searching for how to "DIY" a USB hub. Well I didn't find any plans, but I did find this penguin shaped USB hub. :P It is so cute!!! BTW, here is another picture of it.

Photo from Geeky Gadgets.

Sadly, I think this product has been discontinued. :\ Good idea though. I would have totally bought one! HAHA I think it's cute! ^_^ Well I found the article on Geeky Gadgets. Go check it out. I think it's pretty cool. Still wish they were selling it...

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Anyways... Talking about USB hubs. I'm planning on buying a USB hub for myself. I'm very low on USB ports on my computer. I'm planning on getting the product you see below.

It is a 7 port USB hub by CyberPower. It has an external power adapter, so you can pretty plug anything into it and it will get enough power for it to run. The reviews look convincing. A few people say they experienced some problems, but the majority loved the product! :D I'm thinking about getting this one. Not only does it have a cool look, but I will finally have ports to plug my iPod into with out unplugging something. ROFL My self-powered USB hub isn't doing so well. I can transfer files in and out of my phone, but it will not charge while I'm doing it. Hopefully this will fix the issue...

Are you short USB ports too? Why not go get one for yourself? :) I'll be posting a review here, if I buy it. I most likely will. LOL Might be in a few weeks. I need time to use it and see how it goes. Youtube is still giving me a pain with it's uploader... Still can't upload my Yellowstone videos. >.< Man... They need to fix it. Seriously.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annoying Dog...

You know what's really annoying? Every night when I try to sleep. I always hear this annoying dog barking far away... -__- Every freakin' night!! Other than the days when it rains... I don't even know who's dog it is... I mean, it always barks at night... The sound could be from miles away... Who knows? Eh... Stupid dog. And other dogs like bark back too! If the dogs want to have a conversation, do it during the day time. It really really bothers me when I'm trying to sleep.

And you know what else? The Weather Channel said it was going to snow yesterday night. Apparently it didn't even rain... But still the same cold weather outside... I went outside and eh... I was like frozen solid (exaggerating)! LOL Weird... It never snows in Fremont... or like the whole SF Bay Area... HAHA

Anyways guys, again... I want to tell you about Swagbucks again... LOL They aren't a scam... They already processed $10 I made and still processing the $15 I requested at a later date... I already got $10 on my Amazon account (see photo above). :) I also have enough points for another $25 next month! It isn't a scam! Go try it out and see for yourself! :D You get points toward free stuff just for searching the web! How easy is that? So go try it out now!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

I think I know why he got voted to be mayor...

I don't know how they managed to report this without laughing. Seriously... I was laughing hard through the whole video. XD Take a look! It was on Ray William Johnson.

Pokémon Black and White Mall Tour

Yesterday, I went to the Pokémon Black and White Mall Tour at Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA. I think the mall tour was amazing. Especially the free stuff. XD I love free stuff... The mall was crowded with Pokémon fans from all over SF Bay Area I guess. I'm pretty sure they are from the bay. This isn't the end of the article. :) I stuck little bits of the article under the pictures so you won't get bored while reading this. HAHA

Giant models of Reshiram and Zekrom. :D

According to the flyer I got, there was a station for playing a demo of Pokémon Black and White and you get a free Pokémon pin just for playing the demo. Oh yeah, that leads me to the other thing. I should have read the flyer when I was there. XD I missed a lot of things. Like for the demo, I was like, eh... Who cares. LOL If I knew they were giving out free stuff, I would have went... So I didn't get a pin... At GameStop, they gave out Celebi for your Pokémon game. At the "Pokémon Center", you got a chance to buy Pokémon stuff. I thought they were a bit overpriced and there was nothing I want... Other than that Pikachu shirt, but they didn't have a size I can wear. :\ And it was $20 per shirt. WHAT A RIP OFF... But expected. HAHA

My picture with the Reshiram and Zekrom models. LOL

Miss the event? Here are some of the things they were selling online!

People lining up for the stamps... I'll tell you more about that below. I guess some of them were lining up for the Celebi. HAHA

There was a lot of people lining up for the free stuff...

This was the station where they showed highlights from the new Pokémon movie. I didn't watch. I was busy taking photos for you guys. LOL

There is an "Activity Zone" where you can see the highlights of the new Pokémon movie, take photos with Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott in person, and you can spin a wheel to get free stuff.  There was also free showings of the new Pokémon movie, which I also didn't see because I thought you had to pay. LOL You get an over-sized Pokémon card for watching the movie.

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After you get all 5 stamps in your flyer, you get to spin the wheel to determine which prize you get. Prizes included Pokémon plushies featuring the Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott, patches featuring Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, cellphone charms featuring Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, and styluses featuring Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott. Everyone with the stamps had one shot at it. I'll tell you more about the stamps below.

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More pictures of the people lining up for the free stuff. The line moved faster than I thought. HAHA 

There was 5 stations spread out through out the mall (just like the one above). You were to collect all 5 stamps (1 from each station) and return to the "Activity Zone" to get a spin at the prize wheel. :) It was pretty fast because they told you all the locations of the stations on a sign... HAHA

I got a Oshawott plushy and a Tepig stylus. :) I got 2 prizes because my parents was there. :P So 2 prizes for me. XD It kinda sucks I don't have a DS to use the stylus on... Oh well, I can use it with my Nokia N97... The thing you see underneath the Oshawott plushy is the flyer.

Other plushies they were selling. HAHA :) The first one is the one I got for free. LOL

People lining up to see Tepig in person and to take a picture...

So many people... 

Ok... Something is not right in this picture... HAHA Pedo... JKJK

So they had people (Nintendo employees?) dressed up in Pokémon costumes standing there so the fans can meet the Pokémon in person and to take pictures. I guess the little kids got a lot of joy out of that or the pedophiles in the costume..... JKJK XD So many little kids... LOL

The Oshawott plushy and the Tepig stylus I got.

Over all I had a lot of fun at this event. :) It was truly amazing. I wish Nintendo would do more Pokémon events. XD I loved Pokémon since I found out about them. As you can see, I still do, even though I'm all grown up. HAHA I guess age doesn't matter. :P So did you go? Tell me in the comments below!

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Here is the schedule for the event (2011)

February 5th/6th
Westfield Southcenter at Seatle, WA
Westfield SouthPark at Strongsville, OH

February 12th/13th
Westfield Oakridge at San Jose, CA
Wolfchase Galleria at Memphis, TN

February 26th/27th
Town Center at Aurora, CO
Franklin Mills at Philadelphia, PA

March 5th/6th
Mall of America at Bloomington, MM
Westfield Garden State Plaza at Paramus, NJ

March 12th/13th
Grapevine Mills at Grapevine, TX
Discover Mills at Lawrenceville, GA

March 19th/20th
Arizona Mills at Tempe, AZ
Orange Park Mall at Orange Park, FL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Angry Bird Plushies!!!

OMG! They sell Angry Bird plushies! :D I didn't know they had these until I was playing Angry Birds on my iPod Touch and I was like, hey let's go search for Angry Birds on Amazon just for the hell of it. :P

Then guess what I found? They sell Angry Bird plushies!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTTTEEEEEE!! :D :D :D

TAKE A LOOK! I know they are a bit overpriced but, I was thinking about getting one for myself. :D They are so cute!!!! I love stuffed animals. ^_^ Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm a bit too old for it, don't say anything about that please. -__- But please, take a look. :D

Yeah, I found some keychains and cases too. LOL I think this would be a great present for any Angry Birds lover. :D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keeping my hair straight

I figured a great way to make my hair straight and not too puffy. :D Before I say anything, I want to tell you this. I don't shampoo and use conditioner everyday. I don't use my flat iron everyday either. I sometimes might use some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Serum (it helps keep my hair soft and silky all day) if I fell my hair is really really dry.

Here is me now :)

So here is what I do:
  1. I first like wash my hair with warm water until it feels soft and silky (takes like 2 minutes maybe).
  2. Then I run it under cold water. (takes maybe 1-2 minutes).
  3. I wrap my hair in a towel and like keep it there for 2-3 minutes. 
  4. Then I use my hair dryer and dry my hair a little bit on the cool setting. 
  5. Next I comb my hair and then use my hair dryer on the cool setting to dry my hair while I keep my hair straight with my fingers.
  6. After it's like almost or completely dried, I comb my hair into the style I want. 
  7. Then I stick the the concentrating attachment onto my hair dryer, stick the heat on high and concentrate all the heat onto my hair while pulling it straight with my straightening comb. (Well... I actually heat up the comb first, then style.) If you know what I mean... (I can't seem to find the straightening comb I use on Amazon. The brand is Conair and it's the one with a heat sensitive strip on it. Go see the picture below.)
  8. After that, I cool off my hair with my hair dryer's cool setting. 
  9. I comb for the last time and I look gorgeous all day. :P

My hair might still mess up a bit when wind blows it, but I just need to comb it a little bit again... Last for the whole day until I shower. It stays soft and silky. :)

Here is the straightening comb I use. It is from Conair.

Here are some other tips. Don't flat iron your hair everyday and don't shampoo everyday. It will damage your hair a lot. Flat irons will burn your hair if you use it too much or use it at a temperature too high for your hair. Using shampoo too much will strip away too much moisture and your hair's natural oils. I shampoo 1-2 times a week now. I tell you this from my personal experience. I used to shampoo everyday, but if you take a closer look at my hair, some of the hair on the side of my head is brown from lack of the natural oils... My hair used to be really hard from extra heat styling. Doing what I'm doing now, my hair is recovering from the damage I've done to it... It is kind of soft again... So don't style too much. It damages your hair!

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