Friday, January 21, 2011

Revlon Crystal Nail File Review

Revlon Crystal Nail File can be found on Amazon here.

I just got this product from my local Target because I heard glass nail files are good for your nails because they don't cause splitting and leaves a smoother finish (unlike metal ones). They also last a very long time (permanently) unlike emery nail files.

I thought I'd give it a shot and bought one for myself. Who knew this product was a complete waste of money?! The glass surface wore down to smooth glass like half way through my nail filing process (on the first use)! It won't file my nails anymore! I rate this product a 0/5 stars if I can! On the box it says you can wash and reuse. If any of you Revlon Customer Care team is reading this, tell me, HOW I'M I SUPPOSE TO REUSE THE SMOOTH GLASS TO FILE MY NAILS?! I am very disappointed at the quality of this product! This lasted shorter than emery nail files! In theory, these are suppose to last longer than emery nail files!

I am not the only one with this problem. If you Google this product for customer reviews, all of them have the same problem as me!

Don't recommend buying this product! I did read that people had a better luck with a Sephora Nail File. Maybe I'll buy theirs next time.

Update at 1-21-2011 7:59 PM: Right now I doubt the nail file is even made with real glass. You see the smooth part of the nail polish where the logo is? I just made a pretty deep scratch on that with my bare nails! Everyone knows only diamonds and rare gemstones can scratch real glass! My bare nails made a deep scratch on it! If it was real glass, I wouldn't be able to!

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