Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Mouses!

As you guy's know, I recently joined the Amazon Associates Program on I've been browsing through tons and tons products to bring you guys products you guys may want to buy. I joined the program to make more money. Maintaining websites and blogs have costs and I want to make even the costs. It also gives me a motive to post more stuff on my blogs. LOL

Anyways... While browsing through the products, I found a few weird mouses to show you guys. They've got really good reviews saying they are easy to use. They aren't expensive either. They aren't regular mouses and you'll know why once you read this post. :P

The I-Pen Digital Pen Writer is "pen-shaped" mouse that you can use in the place of a normal mouse. Although, I wouldn't recommend you replacing your current mouse with this, but this is great when you don't want to type and just want to write. This works great when you need to add your signature a document on your computer or when you want to draw on your computer. That is something you can't achieve very well with a regular mouse.

I've never seen a mouse like the USB Finger Mouse before. The reviews say this mouse works well and is very accurate. If you are tired of using a regular mouse, then this is a really good alternative. I guess you can use it as a keyboard light too. :P Why not? Go buy one and see for yourself! 

You don't need a flat surface for this mouse. It is a trackball mouse that you can use in midair! Great for multimedia presentations!

So those are the few weird mouses I found on If I find other weird products, I'll keep you guys up-to-date. Here are some other devices on

Oh yes. If you guys are gonna shop on, please use my link. The prices stay the same, but when you purchase through my link, will give me a share of the money. You'll be supporting me, my websites, and my blogs. :) It also gives me a bigger motive to bring you more interesting content! So please use my link!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Revlon Crystal Nail File Review

Revlon Crystal Nail File can be found on Amazon here.

I just got this product from my local Target because I heard glass nail files are good for your nails because they don't cause splitting and leaves a smoother finish (unlike metal ones). They also last a very long time (permanently) unlike emery nail files.

I thought I'd give it a shot and bought one for myself. Who knew this product was a complete waste of money?! The glass surface wore down to smooth glass like half way through my nail filing process (on the first use)! It won't file my nails anymore! I rate this product a 0/5 stars if I can! On the box it says you can wash and reuse. If any of you Revlon Customer Care team is reading this, tell me, HOW I'M I SUPPOSE TO REUSE THE SMOOTH GLASS TO FILE MY NAILS?! I am very disappointed at the quality of this product! This lasted shorter than emery nail files! In theory, these are suppose to last longer than emery nail files!

I am not the only one with this problem. If you Google this product for customer reviews, all of them have the same problem as me!

Don't recommend buying this product! I did read that people had a better luck with a Sephora Nail File. Maybe I'll buy theirs next time.

Update at 1-21-2011 7:59 PM: Right now I doubt the nail file is even made with real glass. You see the smooth part of the nail polish where the logo is? I just made a pretty deep scratch on that with my bare nails! Everyone knows only diamonds and rare gemstones can scratch real glass! My bare nails made a deep scratch on it! If it was real glass, I wouldn't be able to!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet was a really good movie. :D Loved Jay Chou. LOL He was AWESOME! ^_^ The bulletproof cars was cool too. Wish I can have a car like that where you can hide so much gadgets in... Well anyways... I recommend you go see the movie if you haven't seen it yet. Jay Chou fan or not. HAHA Me, big Jay Chou fan. :) I give movie a 10/10 :D

Best part of the movie was:

Britt: (Shows officer middle finger)

For me this was like the best part of the movie. XD Got a big laugh. LOL Can you imagine what would happen if someone did that in real life? ROFL

What I've been doing recently...

As you know I haven't been blogging recently. XD I can't say I've been busy, but I really don't know what to talk about and I got kind of lazy. I've spent a crap load of time on Angry Birds. XD Game is so addicting and I really suck. LOL Took me forever!

Well anyways, I did get my glasses, but I don't think I look that great in glasses. :\ Actually, I just don't like wearing them... I think glasses make me look kind of nerdy. Maybe it's just me. LOL Haven't taken it out of the car since. Not sure when I'll be posting a picture... Hopefully soon.

I did get new pants. Skinny leg jeans. HAHA :D I think they look great on me! Well again, too lazy for pictures. Maybe next time... Haven't got anything else. Need to go to a bigger mall. The Great Mall in Milpitas is kind of small... Not enough selection. Didn't find anything I really liked.

Um... I've been watching American Dad recently on Netflix. DSL kinda crappy recently... It's like super unstable. Have to like retrieve several times before I can watch... Not a Netflix problem, DSL problem. Browsing the internet has also been slow recently. Stupid DSL...

Anyways, I've started uploading my Yellowstone/Grand Teton videos. It is kind of slow. It takes like one and half days a video! Some problem with the upload speed. Once I get them all uploaded I'll be posting them up on my photography blog. As of right now, I have first video uploaded and currently uploading the second one. So yeah!

Going to go watch The Green Hornet today! Big Jay Chou fan! :D Tell you how the movie was once I get home! (Update 01/17/2011 at 7.17 PM: See my response here)

Friday, January 7, 2011


My phone and my computer have not malfunctioned to this extent for a long time. Like 2 minutes before the earthquake today, it like malfunctioned. My phone and computer both froze up! o_O At first I was like WHAT THE HELL! After like 2 minutes I felt the house shake. LOL

I rebooted my phone and computer. My computer is working fine, but my phone is still refusing to detect the music I just added into my library... Maybe there was some sort of radiation or disturbance before the earthquake? Who knows?

I think this wasn't a coincidence, but tell me what you think. :D Maybe I'm being paranoid. LOL