Saturday, December 11, 2010


So today I went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked and to get new glasses. The optometrist thought I was a girl until she looked down at the form. :D YAY!

Of course it was in Chinese. She was like, "Follow me miss.". Then later she looked down and was like, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, please sit down.". I was like, "Aw... It's ok!". Success! :P YAY! That made me kinda happy. LOL

Luckily, my eyes wasn't too bad. My astigmatism worsened just a little bit, but that's it. Which isn't too big of a deal. LOL Can be fixed with glasses, but I hate them. D: Only wearing them when I'm driving. >:( I don't care what she says.

I didn't pick out a frame today, because I thought my hair was a bit messed up and it would cloud my judgement on the frame. Going back there to pick out a frame next time.


她说,“小姐,请您跟我过来。”。过了一忽然她看了一下表格说,对不起先生,请坐。我跟她说,“没关系,没关系!”。 哈哈!