Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hair Straightening Iron

Solia Straightening Iron

Those stupid website people, after reading their pages, I want a hair straightening iron now. >.< My hair is kind of curly, but I want it straight. I didn't want a hair straightening iron before, but now, the websites have done enough convincing. I want one! :\ Man... And not just any cheap hair straightening iron, I want a professional one... ._. Those cost like $90 and up!

I didn't want to use a hair straightening iron before because I thought it would damage your hair even more. Those website convinced me if I just apply some thermal shielding serum on my hair, it would make it fine. o_O Well I guess being beautiful isn't easy...

On the bright side, I know how to get my hair straighter now and less frizzy. Probably going to get one for myself for Christmas. ^_^ And some hair straightening and frizz control serum... All these harsh chemicals and heat, couldn't be good for my hair. ROFL Well, it can't be that bad can it? I mean, a lot of people use it... With beauty, comes with price. Was that the saying? HAHA Well it was the first thing that came to my mind. 

I might get a Sedu or Solia hair straighteners. I've read some really good reviews on those.

Sedu Straightening Iron

The Sedu one cost like $150. The Solia one cost like $90. (I think) Which one should I get?

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