Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting New Glasses

Going to go get my eyes checked and get new glasses tomorrow. Sigh... I hate glasses! They make me look so nerdy. I understand there are contacts, but I seriously don't dare put those things in my eyes. :\

I hated my last pair, makes me look so much like a guy. D: Why can't they make something that will like fix your vision, but not visible to others and don't involve sticking something in your eyes?

Well, I've decided. I'm not gonna wear them unless I'm in class or when I'm driving... Not going to wear them any other time.

我明天要去配新的眼镜。我很不喜欢哦。:\ 不喜欢戴。我知道有隐形眼镜,可是我觉得把那个东西放眼睛里很可怕。。。