Monday, November 29, 2010


Several days ago, I told you that I caught two seagulls while fishing for crabs. Here is the story if you missed it.

If it was one seagull that crashed into my fishing line, I guess it's not likely but possible. Two seagulls crashing into my fishing line almost at the same time, I'd have to say, something like this would only happen once in a million years...

It got me wondering, maybe God wanted me to understand something. Those two seagulls wasn't hurt, I let them go... They are back to a normal life. I've been gone from school for some time. Maybe God wants to tell me that I will have a normal life again, but it depends on if I'm going to keep being scared or go do it. Those two seagulls were really scared, but the first one didn't fight back and was quickly released. The second one, however, did fight back because it was scared. It took us longer to free it, but it was freed. Maybe this is a message for me to go do what I need to do and not be scared for I know it is the only way back to a normal life. If I keep going with the scared feeling and fighting back reality, I will one day still have a normal life, but I'm going to waste more time than it should take.

From this day forward, I will try my best to go do what I need to get done with out being scared.

Thank you Jesus for helping me understand. What a wonderful savior you are. Praise the Lord! Amen. :_)