Saturday, November 27, 2010

My favorite colors...

This post will also be on my crossdressing blog, so I'm going to say this. This doesn't really have to do with my crossdressing blog stuff at all (kind of). I just felt like doing a post like this. This post will be kind of random. I am a pretty random person... So, here it is!

I would like to tell you about my favorite colors. I always liked colors like red and pink. I think they are cool. I also like light blue and light green. I think the colors yellow and black is pretty cool too. I hate purple. I don't know why. XD

Now your question is probably, why isn't all of your blogs red and pink? Well to be honest, I did want some of my blogs to be red and pink, but the problem here is, I would have trouble distinguishing them from one another. LOL! When I post, I usually like to distinguish my blogs by color. It makes the process so much easier. (Reading text is slower)

Well anyways, since I told you about my favorite colors, will you tell me about your favorite colors? Please tell me in the comments below!

Told you this post will be random!

BTW, do you like pink things? LOL Take a look at some of these :P The stuff you use can tell a lot about your personality. Please check them out.