Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Crabs in San Francisco

So today I went catching crabs in San Francisco. This story will not be boring, trust me! I caught some really awkward things today. I did catch two crabs today, but this is pretty much expected. What was not expected was I also caught someone's long lost crab trap, and two seagulls!

So here is how I caught the two seagulls. So first when I casted my line down, I felt some vibration so I slowly reeled back my line to find someone's long lost crab trap on there (there might have been a crab on there too, but it might have let go). So I added some sardine bait into the trap and started using that. I casted and while the trap with the lead weight in it was still flying through the air, surprisingly, these two seagulls (not at the same time, was about three seconds apart) crashed into my line and got tangled. XD I don't have a video because at that time I was like worried. The only thing going through my head was like what should I do? Should I cut the line or should I reel them in? I am on a pretty high pier in San Francisco. It is that pier near Fort Point right under the Golden Gate Bridge. I went fishing with my friend's family by the way. So I was like what should I do? My mom was like cut the line! You'll hurt them. My dad and the other family was like reel them in, you'll need to untangle them from the line or the seagulls will be anchored to the weight and die. Oh yeah, a third seagull almost got caught in it too, because it flew down to try to save these two stranded seagulls because the sea lion was at the surface... They pecked at the sea lion and it left. So I started reeling them in. The line was tangled around the tips of their wings... I hope I didn't hurt them. So the first one was easy to untangled. I think it was immobilized by fear, so we quickly untangled it and threw it back into the ocean. The second one was a whole different story. I bet it was a male, because immediately, when my friend's dad started handling it, it tried to repeatedly peck him! Stupid bird! Only trying to help you! Jeez! Well after like ten seconds of struggling to try to get it to stop pecking, we managed to untangle it and threw it back into the ocean... 

Well it was a fun day for me. :) Now my clothes and my hands smell like fish and ocean water. >.< ROFL Catching the seagulls was so unexpected...

How I catch the crabs? Well, I didn't catch anything with the crab net today, which is weird. Both of them, I reeled it in with fishing hooks. The stupid thing is, the hooks didn't even hook them. They became our dinner because they were too stubborn to let go! They held on really tight! HAHA!

If I was in China, I would be having roasted seagull for dinner too! I wonder how seagull taste like... :P