Friday, October 29, 2010

Stuff :)

Finally the Blogger uploader is working again and I can get back to uploading my pictures. :) The only problem is, it's slower than before. -__- Still think the old uploader was better. Anyways, here is today's Yellowstone post!

谷歌好像把 Blogger 上载系统修好了。所以我现在可以继续上载更多的照片了。:) 可是我还是觉得比旧的系统慢很多。-__- 觉得旧的还是比新的好。这是我今天放上去的文章

I'm happy I finally kinda returned to school now. Mid-Peninsula High School is really light on homework. Loving it! I've got time to do things I like.

我就的我新的学校很好。没那么多功课。:) 我有时间做我想做的事了。

Thirdly, I started making the Yellowstone videos... After being delayed for weeks. I didn't know what was wrong with my computer, and I kept testing to see where it went wrong inside, because the computer kept rebooting on it's own. Well now I think I've fixed it. The power supply that came along with the computer probably couldn't keep up with the energy required to run the computer, so it kept shutting down because it went over its limit. Now that I've replaced the power supply with a slightly stronger one, working now. Haven't rebooted once on its own. LOL YAY! But now, the videos is a pain in the ass. -__- Due to the large amounts of pictures and videos, it is kind of hard for me to sort through and make them into separate videos. LOL

Oh yeah, one more thing. I think Facebook should use the old "Wall-to-Wall" button instead of the current "See Friendship" button. "See Friendship" sounds kind of gay. No offense Facebook. XD