Monday, September 27, 2010

Got scared the shit out of me twice today. -__-

So I was driving... It was around 90-100 in the Bay Area... It was the afternoon and the sun was blinding... Reflecting off the road, I couldn't see really far... Didn't see the road curve, tried to adjust the A/C... Kept going straight, almost crashed. D: Luckily my mom was like, turn the steering wheel to the left! I was like what the hell! 2 second reaction... Slammed on the breaks (I got advanced breaking, so it doesn't matter) and I jerked the steering wheel after I felt the car slow down quite a bit. -__- On the bright side! There was no cars with-in 200 feet of me (after the sudden jerk on the steering wheel). XD

Well just today, the second time, traffic lights, I needed to make a right turn... It was yieled and my mom was like STOP! YOU NEED TO STOP! I was like WTF? Drove onto the sidewalk. -__- I was like, it was yield! Don't scream random directions at me! XD But I don't blame her, even though it was 10-20 minutes after I almost crashed, my heart was still racing. -__-

What a day! -__- Still things like this happen on the street all the time. Luckily no accidents right? :) Thank God! I really need to learn the voice commands for my car. That way, I wouldn't need to look down...