Thursday, May 9, 2013

Christian Influence in North Korea

I was very surprised to learn that North Korea's eternal leader, Kim Il Sung was Christian, and if you think about it, the country has very high Christian influence right now.

  1. Jesus died, but you are to worship him as your eternal savior. Kim Il Sung died, but North Koreans are to worship him as their eternal savior/leader. 
  2. Jesus performed miracles and healed people. North Korea claims Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un performs miracles and have magical powers. It has even been claimed that Kim Jong Il has hit several holes in ones in golf in one day, and apparently is so magical he does not need to go poop or pee. 
  3. Christians are to thank Jesus before every meal and for every blessing. North Koreans are taught to say "Thank you Dear Leader" before every meal and every blessing. 

Just putting it out there, if Kim Il Sung never had the Christian influence, the country would probably be better off right now...