Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS is so Cool!

So today I went to Fry's Electronics. To my my surprise, they had a Nintendo 3DS on demo! :D It was amazing! It was the first time I saw glasses-free 3D in action! AWESOME!!! But I do have to say that the Nintendo 3DS isn't perfect. I know a lot of you might be thinking it must be Godly. Well this is what everyone thinks when some new, never before achieved technology comes out. HAHA Anyways, the 3D only works at the certain distance from the screen and you will have to be looking like straight at the monitor to see the 3D. If you are just a little bit off, you'll either see 2 images or feel like throwing up (no joke)! My eyes tired out like after 2 minutes of looking at the screen. Probably not the best thing to be looking at all day. So that's it! That was my experience. I have to say the 3D is incredible. If you have the money! You should buy it! Don't play with the 3D on for too long though, I have a feeling it will really damage your eyes. :/