Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Mouses!

As you guy's know, I recently joined the Amazon Associates Program on I've been browsing through tons and tons products to bring you guys products you guys may want to buy. I joined the program to make more money. Maintaining websites and blogs have costs and I want to make even the costs. It also gives me a motive to post more stuff on my blogs. LOL

Anyways... While browsing through the products, I found a few weird mouses to show you guys. They've got really good reviews saying they are easy to use. They aren't expensive either. They aren't regular mouses and you'll know why once you read this post. :P

The I-Pen Digital Pen Writer is "pen-shaped" mouse that you can use in the place of a normal mouse. Although, I wouldn't recommend you replacing your current mouse with this, but this is great when you don't want to type and just want to write. This works great when you need to add your signature a document on your computer or when you want to draw on your computer. That is something you can't achieve very well with a regular mouse.

I've never seen a mouse like the USB Finger Mouse before. The reviews say this mouse works well and is very accurate. If you are tired of using a regular mouse, then this is a really good alternative. I guess you can use it as a keyboard light too. :P Why not? Go buy one and see for yourself! 

You don't need a flat surface for this mouse. It is a trackball mouse that you can use in midair! Great for multimedia presentations!

So those are the few weird mouses I found on If I find other weird products, I'll keep you guys up-to-date. Here are some other devices on

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