Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pancakes and Parakeets

So, first off, pancakes. :) I made pancakes today for the first time in my life. They were amazingly good. :O Loved them. Except the first 2... They were completely black. XD Then the second 2 was oddly shaped and partially uncooked... Well the rest of them were good. I think I made around 10-15? Dinner went great. :) Here are a few pictures.

That's cinnamon and maple syrup you see. :)

Now onto my parakeet story... So the other day, I was giving my 2 parakeets (1 recently flew away. -__-) and my cockatiel... I usually do this once every 1-2 weeks. They enjoy it. LOL Especially the part when I dry them off with a not too hot hair dryer... Well anyways, I accidentally startled my blue parakeet (Blue) and she flew off and landed on my cockatiel (Lemon)'s back. XD He ended up giving her a piggy back ride (or birdie back ride). ROFL... Later Lemon got annoyed pecked her a few times... She wouldn't get off, so I had to remove her... Maybe her talons are to sharp? Well here are 2 pictures. :D (The green parakeet's name is Chirpy) Make sure you read the captions too. XD

Lemon's all like, WTF?!

Lemon: Do you see a way out of this?
Chirpy: Nope!
Lemon: -__-"