Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So bored... 很没劲。。。


Today was boring... Ok so you expecting me to write something? Ok... I found this apple cobbler recipe that looks pretty good. I kinda want to make it. :D But I don't have the ingredients at home... So maybe I'll make it in a few days and post up a picture... So this is pretty much how my day went by.

今天我很没劲。。。 你希望我写一些东西吗?OK。。。 我今天找到了一个苹果馅饼菜谱。它看的很好吃。我有点先要做。可是要用的调料家里没有。所以我可能会过几天做出来拍几张照片放在网上。这就是我这一天怎么过的。