Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I made a USB CD LED Desk Lamp! 我做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯。


Today I made a USB CD LED desk lamp! Not only does it use less power than my original desk lamp, but it gives off clean white light unlike my original desk lamp which gave a yellow-ish light. :D Please tell me how it looks below.The reason I used that much glue is because the disc cracked a lot when I pushed the LED's into the holes I made.

我今天做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯!它除了比我本来用的电少,它还给白的灯光不像我本来的那个灯,给的亮光有一点黄黄的。:D 请你在底下告诉我看得怎么样。在我把二极管装进去的时候 CD 有点裂开了,所以我只能有很多胶水。

 Let's all go green. :) This is really a double win, because LED take up way less power and I recycled 2 unusable CDs!